Welcome to the site of a crazed violist!

I’ve started it so I can record my adventures in music and share them with anyone who is interested. This year, my trio, Petrichor is studying and performing internationally as a result of a scholarship we were awarded by the Australian National Academy of Music. I have just been named as a recipient of the Artstart grant from the Australia Council for the Arts, which will enable me to do a lot of things I’m really excited about, including curating a couple of concerts and travelling to the US in July/August to attend Bang On A Can Summer Festival. Needless to say, I have been very lucky, and I should have a lot of amazing experiences I can record here.

I’m planning to write about the projects I’m involved in or initiating, advertise upcoming performances, and I guess to represent my musical interests and perspective. If there’s anything I write about or am involved with that interests (or offends!) you, please be in touch!